For teachers


School students are an important population; students today will be tomorrow's voters, policy makers, business leaders, innovators and consumers.

We're committed to enhancing teachers' resources and knowledge in an effort to improve genetic literacy in the Australian population.

Our resources include:

  • stimulus material for student engagement and discussion 
  • syllabus-aligned activities for classroom use
  • visualisations based on authentic scientific data
  • evidence-based approaches (eg. argumentation)
  • real-life contemporary contexts that address socio-scientific issues
  • curated guides of freely-available online resources.

Years 9-10

Stage 5 genetics topics become engaging and relevant when combined with contemporary medical applications and issues. If you have any queries or comments, please contact

Personal Genome Project resource

  • An introduction to personal genomics 
  • Activities
  • Useful links

Year 12 biology

Senior biology allows students to engage deeply with the subject of genetics. These resources deliver syllabus content within the context of contemporary medical applications.

Resource library

Coming soon: curated list of freely available genetics resources from around the internet.