Resource Summary and Syllabus Map

Summary of resources for year 12 biology, mapped to new NSW HSC syllabus

The resources in this section can be used to support a depth study in medical genetics OR be used independently within relevant modules. The syllabus map shows which areas are covered by each activity.

Depth Study: Genetic Technologies, DNA & Disease
Students focus on a chosen genetic disease and a genetic test or genetic technology that can be used to diagnose, treat or prevent it. They perform a secondary-sourced investigation to evaluate the risks and benefits of the technology, including ethical and social implications.

Student Resource Guide
A list of links for student reading and investigation into genetic testing and genetic technologies, including social and ethical considerations.

Tiny Genome
This paper-based activity introduces students to medical applications of DNA sequencing. Students work through tasks to sequence the genome of a hypothetical creature, discover genetic changes, and treat its disorder.

Six Ws of Genetic Testing
A scenario-based activity for students to learn about the ways genetic tests can be used in medicine.

Research Matrix for Genetic Disease
This series of case studies uses a concept map to develop “systems thinking” about genetics, while advancing students’ research skills. It helps students to synthesise information across molecular, individual and population levels.

Genetic Testing - Issue Scan
This is a series of activities that could be used to introduce some of the ethical concepts associated with genetic testing. It applies a framework based on the four principles of bioethics, which are transferable to other areas of biotechnology. It also develops students’ skills in evidence-based argumentation.

Medical Applications of Genetic Technologies
Students read an article about medical applications of genetic technologies. They undertake purposeful reading about genetic technologies and then use a graphic organiser to answer two questions: “Does this technology involve changes to human DNA?” and “Could this technology change the human population forever?”. 

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