Stimulus materials

A collection of Garvan resources on genomic medicine, research and researchers


DNA testing and sequencing in medicine, or “genomic medicine” can be used as a context for teaching heredity, genetic technologies and non-infectious disease as a depth study or to cover a wide range of syllabus content outcomes.

Here is a collection of resources developed by the Garvan Institute of Medical Research  that can be used to engage students with this contemporary STEM topic area.

What is genomic medicine?

This 1:18 video can be used to introduce students to the concept of genomic medicine, as an example of a medical application of genetic technology.



Heartbeats of our genome

Heartbeats of our genome is a 2:48 molecular animation that shows the genome being transcribed into mRNA. It is designed as an immersive VR experience for google cardboard. You can view it on YouTube or download the GarvanVR app for viewing in google cardboard  via iTunes or Google Play.

DNA Base

To learn more about genomic medicine or to take a virtual tour of the DNA sequencing facility at Garvan, take a look at our community education resources at DNA Base.

Real stories 

Narratives are incredibly powerful for making science relevant. These personal patient stories can stimulate discussion about the uses and limitations of genetic technologies.

Alan's story
Interactive web story and/or 1:20 video about the role of genomics in treating an immune disorder in a young boy

Jaeli and Dali's story 
3:42 video about the impact of diagnosis for two young twins

Implementation Idea

Students could be assigned one of 3-4 different patient stories such as those above (other examples- Jessica’s story, The Beery twins) After reading/viewing the story, groups could be formed so that each student represents a different patient in a discussion about the uses, benefits and limitations of genetic technologies in medicine.

Researcher profiles

We are planning a series of researcher information pages targeted towards exposing students to the wide range of STEM careers that involve genomics. In the meantime, you can read or watch these existing resources from the Garvan Research Foundation to learn about the work of some of Garvan’s researchers.

Mandy Ballinger Genetic cancer risk (article)

Rob Salomon Cellular genomics (article)

Amanda Khoury and Kate Giles Epigenetics (1:42 video)

Focus on – Genomic Cancer medicine

 Genomics has a wide range of applications in medicine. One of these is in treating cancer. The following videos could be used when addressing applications of DNA sequencing or when discussing cancer as a non-infectious disease:

 What is the Genomic Cancer Medicine Program? (1:22 animation)

Garvan’s Genomic Cancer Medicine Program (4:19 video)

Marina Pajic - pancreatic cancer (1:50 video)