In the media

KCCG News Issue 8

Dr Warren Kaplan and James Kavanagh, Microsoft Azure Engineering Lead for Australia and New Zealand.

26 April 2018

KCCG’s, Garvan’s, Genome.One’s involvement in a new Australian Genomics Health Alliance flagship study on fast genetic diagnosis for critically ill infants was announced through online stories. This research study will provide rapid genomic testing to Australian babies and children with suspected genetic conditions to help guide their diagnosis and care.

KCCG’s acquisition of an Oxford Nanopore GridION sequencer, and its subsequent certification to provide research sequencing as a service, was featured in a Garvan online story. KCCG was the second in the world to achieve this certification.

Dr Martin Smith, Genomic Technologies Program lead has also been interviewed about KCCG’s nanopore sequencing capability in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News: In Excess of One Million: A Milestone in DNA Sequencing, and the Australian Financial Review: Hostplus sinks $27m into hand-held DNA sequencing firm Oxford Nanopore.

The work of the Phenomics team was highlighted in a story and sketch by the Centre for Transformative Work Design. The sketch highlights the important work of the Undiagnosed Disease Program (UDP) in Western Australia. The UDP uses Patient Archive software, which was created by our Phenomics team.

Head of KCCG, Marcel Dinger, wrote an article for Open Forum on precision healthcare, and what information to share with patients and when.

Dr Warren Kaplan was interviewed about a Microsoft Azure cloud computing grant, which will support the development of the Genetic Index, for an article in the Australian Financial Review.