KCCG announces new strategic direction

KCCG has identified new opportunities in genomics where its researchers can have a significant impact.
29 April 2019

The major strategic objectives for KCCG over 2019 - 2021 include:

  1. KCCG’s clinical diagnostic pipeline

    We are working to improve the speed of genomic diagnosis of rare monogenic conditions. In the future, we plan to expand the clinical diagnostic services provided by KCCG by introducing accredited pipelines for mitochondrial disease and cancer genomics.

  2. Technology developments 

    We will increase the efficacy and efficiency of our clinical genomic pipelines through development of new sequencing and analytical technologies.

  3. Data storage, visualisation and access

    Genomic sequencing generates huge volumes of data that requires controlled access for clinical interpretation and research. We continue to develop a platform to allow clinicians and researchers to have controlled access to our data to develop new technologies and increase the number of genome-based diagnoses.

  4. Research programs and collaborations

    Increasing the diagnostic yield of the genome is an important objective for KCCG moving forward. We will undertake further research to uncover the role of non-coding regions of the genome, and to examine the contribution of multiple genes to common complex diseases such as osteoporosis, cardiac disease and Parkinson’s disease.  

  5. Implementation

    Implementation of research findings for the benefit of patients is an imperative goal for KCCG. Education programs and activities will be closely aligned with KCCG and Garvan research programs.