KCCG installs their PromethION sequencer

KCCG’s Genomic Technologies team have installed and configured the Oxford Nanopore PromethION sequencer, augmenting the centre’s suite of long-read sequencing technologies.

The Genomic Technologies team installing the PromethION.

18 September 2018

This provides the KCCG and its collaborators with more powerful and cost effective DNA and RNA sequencing capabilities.

The same tumour sample that produced around 730,000 reads on the GridION (its predecessor), produced over 9.11 million reads on the PromethION.

While a PromethION flow cell is six times more powerful than a GridION flow cell, it is about half the price or less. This means that when sequencing at full capacity, its cost will be on par with short-read devices.

The team has already done ten sequencing runs, including single-cell RNA sequencing of tumours, ultra-long cancer genomes, and even to help assemble the complex Huntsman spider genome!

The GridION will continue to be used for smaller scale sequencing applications, as well as testing libraries and samples.