New e-learning module to help bring genomics into the clinic

The applications of genomics in healthcare are rapidly growing, but many physicians do not have knowledge and training in this emerging field.
09 January 2019

KCCG has developed an e-learning module in partnership with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) to introduce physicians to clinical genomics. This free resource includes case studies, quizzes, interactive tools and video interviews.

“As the first online resource to introduce physicians in Australia and New Zealand to genomics, this module fills an important gap,” said Krista Recsei, Education and Communication Project Officer.

“Physicians are central to the safe and effective roll out of genomics into clinical care, including assessing when genomic testing  may assist patient care, discussing it with patients, acting on results and working with other members of the genomics team.”

The module is based on extensive scoping of the knowledge and skills required for physicians to take up these roles. It complements existing resources and aligns with genomics competencies developed internationally.

It draws upon expertise from genomics teams across Garvan and KCCG, including in long and short read sequencing, bioinformatics, ethics, variant interpretation and reporting.

A working group appointed by the RACP reviewed and contributed to the resource, including genetic and non-genetic specialists and members from the Human Genetics Society of Australasia’s (HGSA) clinical geneticist, genetic counsellor and laboratory scientist special interest groups.

“KCCG has also developed an e-learning module for general practitioners, which is available on ThinkGP,” said Bronwyn Terrill, Education and Communication Team Leader. “Both modules’ impact on doctors’ confidence in engaging with clinical genomics will be evaluated to inform future resources in this rapidly-moving field.”

Philanthropic funding from The Kinghorn Foundation has enabled KCCG to develop and evaluate these foundational resources.

‘Clinical Genomics for Physicians’ is hosted on the RACP’s e-learning platform and is free after registration.  

You can read about the module in a recent Garvan news story.