Australian Genomics Health Alliance

The Australian Genomics Health Alliance is an NHMRC funded research collaboration of more than 70 organisations committed to integrating genomic medicine into healthcare in Australia.

Initially targeting rare disease and cancer, the Australian Genomics Health Alliance is building the evidence and piloting solutions for the effective and equitable delivery of genomic medicine in Australia.

KCCG researchers contribute to AGHA research programs:

  • A/Prof Marcel Dinger co-leads the National Approach to Data Federation and Analysis research program, which is developing recommendations for national guidelines and pilot infrastructure for a scalable, shared, and standardised national data repository of clinical genomics information.
  • Dr Warren Kaplan and his team (Informatics Program) have built theVectis platform, which provides AGHA members with the capabilities to house, query, filter and analyse genomic data for its diverse cohorts.
  • Dr Tudor Groza and his team (Phenomics Program) have developed the AGHA Patient Archive platform, which enables patient data management, collaborative diagnosis and knowledge exchange.

Other working group members from KCCG include Bronwyn Terrill, Dr Mark Cowley and Dr Mark Pinese.