Global Alliance For Genomics and Health

GA4GH is an international alliance formed to accelerate the potential of genomic medicine and research to advance human health.

In October 2017, it struck formal collaborations with fifteen international genomic data initiatives. Researchers at KCCG are involed in three of these initiatives:

  • Australian Genomics Health Alliance is an NHMRC funded research collaboration of more than 70 organisations committed to integrating genomic medicine into healthcare in Australia.
  • Monarch Initiative is driven to truly integrate biological information using semantics and present it in a novel way. Their niche is the use of computational reasoning to compare phenotypes both within and across species, with the ultimate goal of improving biomedical research.
  • Matchmaker Exchange was launched in October 2013 to find genetic causes for patients with rare disease. This involves a growing federated platform (Exchange) to facilitating the matching of cases with similar phenotypic and genotypic profiles (matchmaking) through standardised application programming.

These collaborations are part of GA4GH Connect, a 5-year vision to promote the GA4GH standards and frameworks for genomic data discovery, analysis, and interpretation to enable responsible sharing of clinical-grade genomic data by 2022.