Cancer diagnostics

Cancer diagnostics

Solid tumour sequencing

Garvan’s solid tumour sequencing identifies clinically actionable variants in curated panels of cancer-related genes.

Our comprehensive panels offer a new layer of evidence to help you plan treatment strategies, with personalised recommendations on therapies and the option of clinical trials matching for your patient.

Comprehensive analysis

Comprehensive analysis

Detects single nucleotide variants (SNVs), indels, copy number variations (CNVs) and gene fusions across 161 genes.

Results presented in a clear, easy to interpret report including therapy and clinical trial matching.

Insights for care

Insights for superior patient care
Receive recommendations on therapies matched to your patient and their tumour type
Find new treatment options for less common cancers
Gain a deeper understanding of rare tumours to aid in prognosis

Advanced technology

Advanced technology, streamlined processes
Powered by next generation sequencing technology
Turnaround time within 10 business days from receipt of sample

Our tests

We offer comprehensive testing for the detection of variants (including copy number variations and gene fusion events) in solid tumours that are predictive of response to therapy

• Analyses 161 cancer driver genes
• Includes more than 800 gene fusion events across 51 genes

Garvan also offers research use only testing for tumour mutation burden, microsatellite instability, extended gene panel sequencing, transcriptomics, WES and WGS.

Download our Solid Tumour Sequencing brochure to find out more.

Technical sheets

Comprehensive Cancer Assay
Microsatellite instability
Tumour mutation load

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