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Genomic Technologies Lab

Ira Deveson

Lab Leader

As technologies for genomic science continue to advance and diversify, it is essential to stay at the cutting-edge. New technologies allow us to explore new areas of biology, and enhance understanding and diagnosis of human disease.

The Genomic Technologies Lab aims to: develop, adopt, optimise and validate new technologies and methods that may shed new light on the genome; show how these can be used to address unsolved challenges in genomic medicine; and facilitate their translation into clinical practice.

Our recent work on long-read sequencing – harnessing the latest technologies from Oxford Nanopore and Pacific Biosciences – showcases our end-to-end tech research program, spanning from computational methods development to large-scale genomic analysis of diverse cohorts in health and disease. This program can be summarised in five themes:

  1. Development and adoption of new genomic technologies
  2. Software/hardware engineering for sophisticated, efficient, scalable analysis of genomics data
  3. Application of new technologies to diverse human cohorts to understand genetic diversity
  4. Application of new technologies to address unsolved diagnostic challenges
  5. Clinical translation of new genomic technologies

Our innovative and highly collaborative approach is important to maintaining Garvan’s position as an international leader in technology and genomics research.

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