Antibody Therapeutics Lab

Antibody Therapeutics Lab

Our research is focused on mechanisms that govern the structure, function and evolution of the human antibody repertoire, and on the molecular engineering of antibodies and cytokines for basic and translational research applications.

Studies in the Christ laboratory have identified mechanisms that control the stability of human antibody therapeutics, blockbuster agents, which are among the fastest growing class of drugs in the pharmaceutical sector. The laboratory is part of the Immunology division and has extensive collaborative programs, which have highlighted the role of cytokines and membrane receptors in the development of protective immunity.

Engineered human antibodies and cytokines represent robust building blocks for the development of next generation reagents for co-crystallization, imaging and therapeutic applications. They can be generated by genetic engineering technology, completely bypassing the use of animals. We are applying our technology to structural targets, and to therapeutic targets in cancer and inflammatory diseases.

Career opportunities

We are always looking for talented, ambitious students and postdocs to join our lab. Please contact us for further information.