Antibody Therapeutics Lab

Selected Publications

Nathan W. Zammit, Owen M. Siggs, Paul E. Gray, Keisuke Horikawa, David B. Langley, (...) Daniel Christ, Christopher C. Goodnow and Shane T. Grey (2019) Denisovan, modern human and mouse TNFAIP3 alleles tune A20 phosphorylation and immunity Nature Immunology 20: 1299-1310

Deborah L Burnett, David B Langley, Peter Schofield, Jana R Hermes, Tyani D Chan, Jennifer Jackson, Katherine Bourne, Joanne H Reed, Benjamin T Porebski, Robert Brink, Daniel Christ* and Christopher C Goodnow* (2018) Germinal center antibody mutation trajectories are determined by rapid self/foreign discrimination. Science 360, 6385: 223-226 [joint senior and corresponding authors]

Mahdi Zeraati, David B. Langley, Peter Schofield, Aaron L. Moye, Romain Rouet, William E. Hughes, Tracy M. Bryan, Marcel E. Dinger* and Daniel Christ* (2018) I-motif DNA structures are formed in the nuclei of human cells. Nature Chemistry doi:10.1038/s41557-018-0046-3

Rodrigo Vazquez-Lombardi, Claudia Loetsch, Daniela Zinkl, Jenny Jackson, Peter Schofield, Elissa K. Deenick, Cecile King, Tri Giang Phan, Kylie E. Webster, Jonathan Sprent and Daniel Christ (2017) Potent antitumour activity of IL-2-Fc fusion proteins requires Fc-mediated depletion of regulatory T-cells. Nature Communications 8:15373

Romain Rouet, David B. Langley, Peter Schofield, Mary Christie, Brendan Roome, Benjamin T. Porebski, Ashley M. Buckle, Ben E. Clifton, Colin L. Jackson, Daniela Stock and Daniel Christ (2017) Structural reconstruction of protein ancestry. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 14(15):3897-3902

Rodrigo Vazquez-Lombardi, Damien Nevoltris, Ansha Luthra, Peter Schofield, Carsten Zimmermann and Daniel Christ (2017) Transient expression of human antibodies in mammalian cells. Nature Protocols 13, 99–117 

Rodrigo Vazquez-Lombardi, Tri Giang Phan, Carsten Zimmermann, David Lowe, Lutz Jermutus and Daniel Christ (2015) Challenges and opportunities for non-antibody scaffold drugs.  Drug Discovery Today 20 (10), 1271-1283

Andrew Bradbury et al. (2015) Reproducibility: Standardize antibodies used in research. Nature 518(7537): 27-29 [co-signatory]

Sabouri Z, Peter Schofield, Keisuke Horikawa, Emily Spierings, David Kipling, Katrina L Randall, David Langely, Brendan Roome, Rodrigo Vazquez-Lombardi, Romain Rouet, Jana Hermes, Tyani D Chan, Robert Brink, Deborah K Dunn-Walters, Daniel Christ* and Christopher C Goodnow* (2014) Redemption of autoantibodies on anergic B cells by V-region glycosylation and mutation away from self-reactivity. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 111(25): 2567-2575 

Romain Rouet and Daniel Christ (2014) Bispecific antibodies with native chain structure. Nature Biotechnology 32(2): 136-7

Domique Gatto, Katherine Wood, Caminschi I, Danielle Murphy-Durland, Peter Schofield, Daniel Christ, Karupiah G and Robert Brink. (2013) The chemotactic receptor EBI2 regulates the homeostasis, localization and immune function of splenic dendritic cells. Nature Immunology 14(5): 446-453

Kip Dudgeon, Romain Rouet, Iris Kokmeijer, Peter Schofield, Jessica Stolp, David Langely, Daniela Stock and Daniel Christ (2012) General strategy for the generation of human antibody variable domains with increased aggregation resistance. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 109: 10879-10884

Romain Rouet, Kip Dudgeon, Peter Schofield, David Lowe, Lutz Jermutus and Daniel Christ (2012) Expression of high affinity antibody fragments in bacteria. Nature Protocols 7: 364-373

Daniel Christ and Greg Winter (2003) Identification of functional similarities between proteins using directed evolution, Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 100:13202-13206


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