B Cell Biology Lab

Selected Publications

Kräutler NJ*, Suan D*, Butt D, Bourne K, Hermes JR, Chan TD, Sundling C, Kaplan W, Schofield P, Jackson J, Basten A, Christ C & Brink R. Differentiation of germinal center B cells into plasma cells is initiated by high-affinity antigen and completed by Tfh cells. J. Exp. Med. 2017; 214: 1259-1267. *NK and DS contributed equally.

Butt D, Chan TD, Bourne K, Hermes JR, Nguyen A, Stratham A, O’Reilly L, Strasser A, Price S, Schofield P, Christ D, Basten A, Ma C, Tangye S, Phan TG, Rao VK and Brink R. FAS inactivation releases "Rogue" Germinal Center B cells that escape antigen control and drive IgE and autoantibody production. Immunity. 2015; 42: 890-902.

Brink R, Paus D, Bourne K, J.R. Hermes, Gardam S, Phan T.G, Chan T.D The SWHEL system for high-resolution analysis of in vivo antigen-specific T-dependent B cell responses.  Methods Mol Biol; 2015; 1291:103-123.

Gatto D, Wood K, Caminschi I, Murphy-Durland D, Schofield P, Christ D, Karupiah G and Brink R. The chemotactic receptor EBI2 regulates the homeostasis, localization and immunological function of splenic dendritic cells. Nature Immunol. 2013; 14: 446-453.

Gatto D and Brink R. B cell localization: regulation by EBI2 and its oxysterol ligand. Trends Immunol. 2013; 34: 336-341. 

Chan TD, Wood K, Hermes JR, Butt D, Jolly CJ, Basten A and Brink R. Elimination of germinal-center-derived self-reactive B cells is governed by the location and concentration of self-antigen. Immunity 2012; 37: 893-904.

Chan TD and Brink R. Affinity-based selection and the germinal center response. Immunol. Rev. 2012; 247: 11-23.

Gatto D, Wood, K and Brink R. EBI2 operates independently of but in co-operation with CXCR5 and CCR7 to direct B cell migration and organization in follicles and the germinal center. J. Immunol. 2011; 187: 4621-4628.

Gardam S*, Turner VM*, Anderton H, Limaye S, Basten A, Koentgen F, Vaux DL, Silke J** and Brink R**. Deletion of cIAP1 and cIAP2 in murine B lymphocytes constitutively activates cell survival pathways and inactivates the germinal center response. Blood 2011; 117: 4041-4051. *SG and VMT contributed equally, ** JS and RB contributed equally

Deenick E, Chan A, Ma CS, Gatto D, Schwartzberg PL, Brink R* and Tangye SG*. Follicular helper T cell differentiation requires continuous antigen presentation that is independent of unique B cells signaling. Immunity 2010; 33: 241-253. * RB and SGT contributed equally

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Silke J and Brink R. Regulation of TNFSF and innate signaling complexes by TRAFs and cIAPs. Cell Death Diff. 2010; 17: 35-45.

Gatto D, Paus D, Basten A, Mackay C and Brink R.  Guidance of B cells by the orphan G protein-coupled receptor EBI2 shapes humoral immune responses. Immunity. 2010; 31: 259-269.

Chan TD, Gatto D, Wood K, Camidge T, Basten A and Brink R. Antigen affinity controls rapid T-dependent antibody production by driving the expansion rather than the differentiation or extrafollicular migration of early plasmablasts. J. Immunol. 2009; 183: 3139-3149.

Gardam S, Sierro F, Basten A, Mackay F and Brink R. TRAF2 and TRAF3 signal adapters act cooperatively to control the maturation and survival signals delivered to B cells by the BAFF receptor. Immunity. 2008; 28: 391-401.

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Paus D, Phan TG, Chan TD, Gardam, S, Basten A and Brink R. Antigen recognition strength regulates the choice between extrafollicular plasma cell and germinal center B cell differentiation. J. Exp. Med. 2006; 203: 1081-1091.

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Phan TG, Amesbury M, Gardam S, Crosbie J, Hasbold J, Hodgkin PD, Basten A and Brink R.  B cell receptor-independent stimuli trigger immunoglobulin (Ig) class switch recombination and production of IgG autoantibodies by anergic self-reactive B cells. J. Exp. Med. 2003; 197: 845-860.

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