Beta Cell Signalling Lab

Selected Publications

Burchfield JG, Kebede MA, Meoli CC, Stöckli J, Whitworth PT, Wright AL, Hoffman NJ, Minard AY, Ma X, Krycer JR, Nelson ME, Tan SX, Yau B, Thomas KC, Wee NKY, Khor EC, Enriquez RF, Vissel B, Biden TJ, Baldock PA, Hoehn KL, Cantley J, Cooney GJ, James DE, Fazakerley DJ. (2018) High dietary fat and sucrose results in an extensive and time-dependent deterioration in health of multiple physiological systems in mice. J Biol Chem. 293(15):5731-5745.

Hill JR, Coll RC, Sue N, Reid JC, Dou J, Holley CL, Pelingon R, Dickinson JB, Biden TJ, Schroder K, Cooper MA, Robertson AAB. (2017) Sulfonylureas as Concomitant Insulin Secretagogues and NLRP3 Inflammasome Inhibitors. ChemMedChem. 12(17):1449-1457.

Pearson GL, Mellett N, Chu KY, Boslem E, Meikle PJ, Biden TJ. (2016).  A comprehensive lipidomic screen of pancreatic β-cells using mass spectroscopy defines novel features of glucose-stimulated turnover of neutral lipids, sphingolipids and plasmalogens.  Mol Metab. 5(6):404-14.

Chu, K.Y., O'Reilly, L., Ramm, G., Biden, T.J. (2015).  High-fat diet increases autophagic flux in pancreatic beta cells in vivo and ex vivo in mice.  Diabetologia.  58 (9): 2074-8.

Wu, L.E., Samocha-Bonet, D., Whitworth, P.T., Fazakerley, D.J., Turner, N., Biden, T.J., James, D.E., Cantley, J. (2014) Identification of fatty acid binding protein 4 as an adipokine that regulates insulin secretion during obesity.  Mol Metab. 3 (4): 465-73.

Biden, T.J., Boslem, E., Chu, K.Y., Sue N. (2014) Lipotoxic endoplasmic reticulum stress, β cell failure, and type 2 diabetes mellitus.  Trends Endocrinol Metab. 25 (8): 389-98. Review.

Pearson GL, Mellett N, Chu KY, Cantley J, Davenport A, Bourbon P, Cosner CC, Helquist P, Meikle PJ, Biden TJ. Lysosomal acid lipase and lipophagy are constitutive negative regulators of glucose-stimulated insulin secretion from pancreatic beta cells. (2014) Diabetologia. Jan;57(1):129-39.

Boslem, E, Weir, J.M., MacIntosh, G., Sue, N., Cantley, J., Meikle, P.J., and Biden, T.J. Alteration of endoplasmic reticulum lipid rafts contributes to lipotoxicity in pancreatic b-cells. J. Biol. Chem 2013; 288, 26569-82.

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