Showcases of biomedicine breakthroughs

Stories about exciting biomedical advances are often in the news. Unfortunately, understanding the significance of these breakthroughs can be difficult. This can often be improved through the use of visualisation1.


To exemplify the impact of visual communication, the Garvan BioVis Centre collaborate with renowned biomedical animator Drew Berry. We have produced a series of scientific animations, designed to inspire and educate2, that have been seen by over half a million people.

Our animations focus on health issues -- e.g., Alzheimer's, cancer, infection, and irritable bowel syndrome -- as well as broader scientific topics, such as DNA methylation, plant rust, and the gut microbiome.

Our animations aim at clear communication to general audiences, as well as credibility with specialist researchers3. This requires accuracy in physical scales and structures shown4; it also requires artistic license in filling in gaps in scientific knowledge, in showing motion, and in choosing time scales and colouring that help convey key messages.

Such animations require considerable effort to ensure scientific accuracy: each minute in the final animation can take one month of work. Fortunately, this situation is improving thanks to specialist tools5,6 -- including tools from Garvan's BioVis Centre7-9.

Other visual assets

We also produce other visual assets designed to communicate scientific topics. These include web-based, interactive graphics, covering topics such as the benefits of resistant starch, cellular responses to insulin, and the events regulating cell division. We also produce static graphics, for example, to accompany our animations on Alzheimer's, the gut microbiome, and plant rust.

Outreach events

To draw attention to visual assets created by our team -- as well as by other, world-renowned science communicators -- we organise outreach events designed to inspire and educate the public about cutting-edge biomedical research. These events include light installations on specific frontier research topics, as well as public lectures on the art of communicating science visually.


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