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MCAM mediates chemoresistance in small cell lung cancer via the PI3K/AKT/SOX2 signaling pathway
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Mitochondria-derived reactive oxygen species drive GANT61-induced mesothelioma cell apoptosis
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Hedgehog stimulates hair follicle neogenesis by creating inductive dermis during murine skin wound healing
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Reduced abundance of the E3 ubiquitin ligase E6AP contributes to decreased expression of the INK4/ARF locus in non-small cell lung cancer
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The immune microenvironment, genome-wide copy number aberrations, and survival in mesothelioma
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Deep multi-region whole-genome sequencing reveals heterogeneity and gene-by-environment interactions in treatment-naive, metastatic lung cancer
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Blockade of the IL-6 trans-signalling/STAT3 axis suppresses cachexia in Kras-induced lung adenocarcinoma
Miller, A.; McLeod, L.; Alhayyani, S.; Szczepny, A.; Watkins, D. N.; Chen, W.; Enriori, P.; Ferlin, W.; Ruwanpura, S.; Jenkins, B. J.
ONCOGENE 36:3059-3066, 2017
A phase IIa study of HA-irinotecan, formulation of hyaluronic acid and irinotecan targeting CD44 in extensive-stage small cell lung cancer
Alamgeer, M.; Watkins, D.N.; Banakh, I.; Kumar, B.; Gough, D. J.; Markman, B.; Ganju, V.
Widespread GLI expression but limited canonical hedgehog signaling restricted to the ductular reaction in human chronic liver disease
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Renal epithelial cells retain primary cilia during human acute renal allograft rejection injury
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In vivo evidence that RBM5 is a tumour suppressor in the lung
Jamsai, D.; Watkins, D. N.; O'Connor, A. E.; Merriner, D. J.; Gursoy, S.; Bird, A. D.; Kumar, B.; Miller, A.; Cole, T. J.; Jenkins, B. J.; O'Bryan, M. K.
Scientific Reports 7(1):16323, 2017
The tumor suppressor Hic1 maintains chromosomal stability independent of Tp53
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The role of canonical and non-canonical Hedgehog signaling in tumor progression in a mouse model of small cell lung cancer
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Genomic characterisation of small cell lung cancer patient-derived xenografts generated from endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration specimens
Leong, T. L.
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A compartmentalized phosphoinositide signaling axis at cilia is regulated by INPP5E to maintain cilia and promote Sonic Hedgehog medulloblastoma
Conduit, S. E.; Ramaswamy, V.; Remke, M.; Watkins, D. N.; Wainwright, B. J.; Taylor, M. D.; Mitchell, C. A.; Dyson, J. M.
ONCOGENE 36(43):5969-5984, 2017
ADAM17 selectively activates the IL-6 trans-signaling/ERK MAPK axis in KRAS-addicted lung cancer
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Positive regulatory interactions between YAP and Hedgehog signalling in skin homeostasis and BCC development in mouse skin in vivo
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The evolution of therapies in non-small cell lung cancer
Boolell, V.; Alamgeer, M.; Watkins, D. N.; Ganju, V.;
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Inhibition of activin signaling in lung adenocarcinoma increases the therapeutic index of platinum chemotherapy
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MASTL overexpression promotes chromosome instability and metastasis in breast cancer
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