Clinical Insulin Resistance Group

Research at the Clinical Insulin Resistance Group is focused on uncovering the molecular pathways involved in the transition from health to insulin resistance and metabolic disease related to overweight and obesity in humans. In our clinical studies, we use gold-standard protocols to deeply phenotype individuals at risk of type 2 diabetes. Using gold-standard tools to characterise whole-body glucose regulation, abdominal fat distribution and liver fat, we find a wide range of phenotypic variation in obesity and prediabetes. Current projects: 1. The effect of weight cycling on insulin resistance and fatty liver in human 2. Metabolomic and lipidomic screens of liver and muscle insulin resistance in human obesity uncovering bio-markers to predict response to the first-line medication in type 2 diabetes, metformin (in collaboration with Dr O'Sullivan, Dr Koay and Dr Yang, The University of Sydney) 3. A randomised clinical trial ( to test the efficacy of an algorithm-based (personalised) diet in combination with metformin on glycaemia in individuals with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes (in collaboration with Prof Elinav and Prof Segal, The Weizmann Institute of Science). 4. Reverse engineering insulin secretion in health and disease (in collaboration with Dr Danny Ben-Zvi, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) - Masters project available in clinical study settings (July 2019)

Selected Publications

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