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Selected Publications

  1. Freidman C, Nguyen Q, Lukowski S, Helfer A, Chiu H, Voges H, Suo S, Han J, Osteil P, Peng G, Jing N, Murry C, Wong E, Ding J, Bar-Joseph Z, Wang Y, Hudson J, Tam P, Powell J*, Palpant N*. *Joint senior. Cardiac-directed differential using small molecule Wnt modulation at single cell resolution. Cell Stem Cell, Accepted.
  2. Nguyen Q, Lukowski S, Chiu H, Senabouth A, Bruxner T, Christ A, Palpant N, Powell J. Single-cell transcriptome sequencing of 18,787 human induced pluripotent stem cells identifies differentially primed subpopulations. Genome Research, (2018)
  3. Lukowski S, Tuong K, Noske K, Senabouth A, Nguyen Q, Soyer P, Frazer I, Powell J. Detection of HPV E7 transcription at single cell resolution in epidermis. Journal of Investigative Dermatology, (2018)
  4. Yap C, Lloyd-Jones L, Holloway A, Smartt P, Wray N, Gratten J, Powell J. Independent trans-eQTL identified in whole blood have limited influence on complex disease biology. European Journal of Human Genetics, (2018)
  5. Lukowski S, [16], Powell J. Genetic correlations reveal the shared genetic architecture of transcription in human peripheral blood. Nature Communications, 8, 483-492 (2017).
  6. Lloyd-Jones L, [14], Powell J. The genetic architecture of gene expression in peripheral blood. American Journal of Human Genetics, 100, 228-237 (2017)
  7. Powell J, [17], Montgomery. Endometriosis risk alleles at 1p36.12 act through inverse regulation of CDC42 and LINC00339. Human Molecular Genomics, 25, 5054-5058 (2016)
  8. Hemani G, Shakhbazov K, Westra H, Esko, T, Henders A, McRae A, Yang J, Gibson G, Martin N, Metspalu A, Franke L, Montgomery G, Visscher P, Powell J. Detection and replication of epistasis influencing transcription in humans. Nature, 508, 249-253 (2014)
  9. Powell J, Henders A, McRae A, Kim J, Hemani G, Martin N, Dermitzakis M, Gibson G, Montgomery G, Visscher P. Congruence of additive and non-additive effects on gene expression estimated from pedigree and SNP data. PLoS Genetics, 9, e1003502
  10. Westra H, [6], Powell J, [46], Franke L. Systematic identification of trans eQTLs as putative drivers of known disease associations Nature Genetics, 45, 1238-43 (2013)
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  15. Powell J, Visscher P, Goddard M. Reconciling the analysis of IBD and IBS in complex trait studies. Nature Reviews Genetics, 11, 800-805 (2010)

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