Lecture 1: Introduction to R (PDF)

Lecture 2: SD or SE (PDF)

Lecture 3: Descriptive analysis of categorical data (PDF)

Lecture 4: Interpretation of P value (PDF)

Lecture 5: Comparing two groups - Part 1 (PDF)

Lecture 6: Comparing two groups - Part 2 (PDF)

Lecture 7: R graphics (intro) (PDF)

Lecture 8: Intro to Bayesian inference (t-test) (PDF)

Lecture 9: Bayes Factor (PDF)

Lecture 10: Odds, risks, hazards etc (PDF)

Lecture 11: Correlation analysis (PDF)

Lecture 12: Introduction to regression analysis (PDF)

Lecture 13: Assumption of regression analysis (PDF)

Lecture 14a: Analysis of variance (ANOVA) (PDF)

Lecture 15: Sample size determination for clinical studies (PDF)

Lecture 16: Analysis of covariance (PDF)

Lecture 17: Introduction to logistic regression (PDF)