Prostate Cancer Genomics

Prostate Cancer Genomics

Prostate Cancer Genomics Composite

The team is using genomics to identify markers to advance personalized medicine in prostate cancer. From risk-stratification, to development of diagnostic and prognostic markers, to the identification of molecular targets for prostate cancer therapy, requires a comprehensive understanding of both inherited genetics and acquired genomic events.

The team is also part of the ProMis (Prostate Cancer Metastasis) collaborative consortium dedicated to addressing the mechanisms behind lethal prostate bone metastasis. This program is in conjunction with the Bone Division at the Garvan Institute and the team is driving research focused on defining genomic drivers of metastasis, in particular large structural variation.

Specific Projects

  1. Genomic diversity as a driver of global prostate cancer disparities
  2. Mitochondrial genome instability and mutational load as a driver of prostate cancer disease heterogeneity
  3. Structural variations as drivers of aggressive prostate cancer disease

Funding Sources

  • United States National Institute of Health (NIH)
  • Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre (APCRC) New South Wales
  • Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia (PCFA)
  • Movember Foundation, Australia
  • Cancer Research Initiation of South Africa (CARISA)
  • Medical Research Council (MRC) of South Africa