Matrix and Metastasis

Matrix and Metastasis


Targeting the Extracellular Matrix in Cancer

The labs creative research program integrates matrix biology with precision oncology, aligning with Garvan’s strategic vision to make fundamental advances in the understanding, treatment and prevention of human disease, in this case, personalised stromal targeting in solid tumours.


The goals of the team are to develop, deploy and repurpose anti-stromal/anti-fibrotic therapies for cancer treatment, and maximise the effectiveness of pre-clinical cancer models through the following parallel, complementary research streams:


(1) Comprehensively expand the repertoire of anti-cancer therapeutic targets in breast, pancreatic and lung cancers to include matrix molecules and their effectors.

(2) Expand and drive forward our already established pipeline of anti-stromal therapies in collaboration with our industry partners.

(3) Understand and quantify the extent and drivers of tumour matrix heterogeneity and their relevance to drug response.

(4) Continue to develop and utilise powerful, state-of-the-art, physiologically relevant in vitro and in vivo 3D models that include native ECM to assay and streamline the evaluation of novel and existing therapies.

(5) Reshape the way we view the matrix, as an active contributor to cancer, not just a passive bystander, and leverage this to better stratify cancer patients for personalised stromal targeting in solid tumours.


Our clinical and industry linked program of work is driving translational research and the development of a world-class stromal co-targeting program in Australia.

The Matrix and Metastasis team are proud to be cofounders and an executive member to the Australian Pancreatic Cancer Matrix Atlas (APMA).



3D reconstruction of collagen IV matrix in a decellularised pancreas