Mucosal Autoimmunity Lab

Selected Publications

Sue Liu and Cecile King (2013). IL-21 producing T helper cell subsets in immunity and autoimmunity. Journal of Immunol. 191 (7) 3501-3506.

P. G. Larsson, T. Lakshmikanth, E. Svedin, C. King & M. Flodström-Tullberg (2013). Previous Maternal Infection Protects Offspring from Enterovirus Infection and Prevents Experimental Diabetes Development. Diabetologia 56(4):867-74.

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Badami E, Sorini C, Coccia M, Usuelli V, Molteni L, Bolla AM, Scavini M, Mariani A, King C, Bosi E, Falcone M (2011). Defective Differentiation of Regulatory FoxP3+ T Cells by Small-Intestinal Dendritic Cells in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes. Diabetes, 60(8):2120-4.

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Cecile King, Regula Mueller, Mary Malo Cleary, Murali Krishner, Rafi Ahmed, Ernest King and Nora Sarvetnick (2002). Interleukin-4 acts at the locus of the antigen-presenting dendritic cell to counter-regulate cytotoxic CD8+ T cell responses. Nature Medicine: 7, 206-14.

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