Osteoporosis Webcast

In association with 6minutes, Australian Doctor and Medical Observer, Garvan hosted a live webcast for GPs on 26 November 2014. Professor John Eisman was interviewed by Dr Amanda McBride. See excerpts from the webcast below.

In Australia, 'bone failure' affects 2.2 million people, men and women. Someone is admitted to a hospital with a fracture caused by weak bones every 5-6 minutes, averaging 262 hospitalisations each day.

Access Economics has estimated the total cost, which includes factors such as carers and lost income, to be $7 billion per year, i.e. $20 million every day. Even so, follow up treatment of this serious condition is inadequate, with around 80% of women and 90% of men who have a fracture not receiving treatment to reduce their risk of further fracture.

Professor Eisman clarified some important questions in his interview. The interview has been broken up into 6 segments as follows:

Osteoporosis treatment and side effects

Osteoporosis: How Long To Treat

Osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment

Hospital Discharge

Jaw Risk: Confusing Osteoporosis and Cancer

Patient Communication and Compliance