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Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Young Patients Show Higher Rates of EGFR Amplification: Implications for Novel Personalized Therapy
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The Evolving Understanding of the Molecular and Therapeutic Landscape of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
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Changes in cell morphology guide identification of tubulin as the off-target for protein kinase inhibitors
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Targeting DNA Damage Response and Replication Stress in Pancreatic Cancer
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HNF4A and GATA6 Loss Reveals Therapeutically Actionable Subtypes in Pancreatic Cancer
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Breaking the cycle: Targeting of NDRG1 to inhibit bi-directional oncogenic cross-talk between pancreatic cancer and stroma
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Pan-cancer analysis of whole genomes
ICGC/TCGA Pan-Cancer Analysis of Whole Genomes Consortium.
NATURE 578(7793):82-93, 2020
Fats and Mets, KRAS-Driven Lipid Dysregulation Affects Metastatic Potential in Pancreatic Cancer
Man, J.; Pajic, M.; Joshua, A. M.
CANCER RESEARCH 80(22):4886-4887, 2020
GATA6 regulates EMT and tumour dissemination, and is a marker of response to adjuvant chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer
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miR-139-5p modulates radiotherapy resistance in breast cancer by repressing multiple gene networks of DNA repair and ROS defense
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Preclinical strategies to define predictive biomarkers for therapeutically relevant cancer subtypes
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Effective modulation of stromal signaling through ROCK inhibition: Is it all in the timing?
Chin, V.; Vennin, C.; Timpson, P.; Pajic, M.
Targeting the complexity of Src signalling in the tumour microenvironment of pancreatic cancer: from mechanism to therapy
Parkin, A.; Man, J.; Timpson, P.; Pajic, M.
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Sex differences in oncogenic mutational processes
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Retrospective evaluation of whole exome and genome mutation calls in 746 cancer samples
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Hypermutation in pancreatic cancer
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Effective targeting of intact and proteolysed CDCP1 for imaging and treatment of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
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Substrate-biased activity-based probes identify proteases that cleave receptor CDCP1
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Nature Chemical Biology 17(7):776-783, 2021
Precision oncology in surgery: Patient selection for operable pancreatic cancer
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PAK inhibition by PF-3758309 enhanced the sensitivity of multiple chemotherapeutic reagents in patient-derived pancreatic cancer cell lines
Wang, K.; Huynh, N.; Wang, X.; Pajic, M.; Parkin, A.; Man, J.; Baldwin, G. S.; Nikfarjam, M.; He, H.
American Journal of Translational Research 11(6):3353-3364, 2019
Selected alkylating agents can overcome drug tolerance of G0-like tumor cells and eradicate BRCA1-deficient mammary tumors in mice
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Tailored first-line and second-line CDK4-targeting treatment combinations in mouse models of pancreatic cancer
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