Transplantation Immunology Lab

Selected Publications

Grey ST. Fattening Up Allograft Rejection. Transplantation. 2016 May

Chandrakanthan V, Yeola A, Kwan JC, Oliver RA, Qiao Q, Kang YC, Zarzour P, Beck D, Boelen L, Unnikrishnan A, Villanueva JE, Nunez AC, Knezevic K, Palu C, Nasrallah R, Carnell M, Macmillan A, Whan R, Yu Y, Hardy P, Grey ST, Gladbach A, Delerue F, Ittner L, Mobbs R, Walkley CR, Purton LE, Ward RL, Wong JW, Hesson LB, Walsh W, Pimanda JE. PDGF-AB and 5-Azacytidine induce conversion of somatic cells into tissue-regenerative multipotent stem cells. Porc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2016 Apr 19

Coates PT, Grey ST. Finding a New Home for Islet Cell Transplants. Transplantation. 2016 Apr 16

Coleman MA, Jessup CF, Bridge JA, Overgaard NH, Penko D, Walters S, Borg DJ, Galea R, Forbes JM, Thomas R, Coates PT,  Grey S, Wells JW, Steptoe RJ. Antigen-encoding bone marrow terminates islet-directed memory CD8+ T-cell responses to alleviate islet transplant rejection. Diabetes. 2016 Mar 9

Tulles SG, Grey ST, Issa F. Awards in Transplantation Science Recognize the Best Manuscripts Published in Transplantation. Transplantation. 2016 Feb

Erami Z, Herrmann D, Warren SC, Nobis M, McGhee EJ, Lucas MC, Leung W, Reischmann N, Mrowinska A, Schwarz JP, Kadir S, Conway JR, Vennin C, Karim SA, Campbell AD, Gallego-Ortega D, Magenau A, Murphy KJ, Ridgway RA, Law AM, Walters SN, Grey ST, Croucher DR, Zhang L, Herzog H, Hardeman EC, Gunning PW, Ormandy CJ, Evans TR, Strathdee D, Sansom OJ, Morton JP, Anderson KI, Timpson P.  Intravital FRAP Imaging using an E-cadherin-GFP Mouse Reveals Disease- and Drug-Dependent Dynamic Regulation of Cell-Cell Junctions in Live Tissue. Cell Rep. 2016 Jan 5

Malle EK, Zammit NW, Walters SN, Koay YC, Wu J, Tan BM, Villanueva JE, Brink R, Loudovaris T, Cantley J, McAlpine SR, Hesselson D, Grey ST. Nuclear factor kappaB-inducing kinase activation as a mechanism of pancreatic β cell failure in obesity. J Exp Med. 2015 Jun 29 Released with Commentary:

Sivanathan KN, Rojas-Canales DM, Hope CM, Krishnan R, Carroll RP, Gronthos S, *Grey ST, *Coates PT. Interleukin-17A-Induced Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Are Superior Modulators of Immunological Function. Stem Cells. 2015 Jun 2. *Co-senior authors.

Villanueva, J.E.; Malle, E.K.; Gardam, S.; Silveira, P.A.; Zammit, N.W.; Walters, S.N.; Brink, R.; Grey S.T. TRAF2 regulates peripheral CD8+ T-cell and NKT-cell homeostasis by modulating sensitivity to IL-15. Eur J Immunol 2015; 45(6):1820-31

Roden D, Grey ST.  Telling the tiger by its stripes: mapping the genomics of kidney graft tolerance in real time. Kidney Int 2015; 87(5): 875-7

Stacey. N. Walters, Kylie. E. Webster, Stephen Daley and Shane T. Grey. A role for intrathymic B cells in the generation of natural Tregs. J. Immunol. 2014 Jul 1;193(1):170-6

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Webster KE, Walters S, Kohler RE, Mrkvan T, Boyman O, Surh CD, Grey ST, Sprent J. In vivo expansion of T reg cells with IL-2-mAb complexes: induction of resistance to EAE and long-term acceptance of islet allografts without immunosuppression. J Exp Med 2009; 206(4):751-60.

Walters S, Webster KE, Sutherland A, Gardam S, Groom J, Liuwantara D, Mariño E, Thaxton J, Weinberg A, Mackay F, Brink R, Sprent J, Grey ST. Increased CD4+Foxp3+ T cells in BAFF-transgenic mice suppress T cell effector responses. J Immunol. 2009; 182(2):793-801.

Mariño E, Batten M, Groom J, Walters S, Liuwantara D, Mackay F, Grey ST. Marginal-zone B-cells of nonobese diabetic mice expand with diabetes onset, invade the pancreatic lymph nodes, and present autoantigen to diabetogenic T-cells. Diabetes 2008; 57:395-404.

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Grey ST, Arvelo MB, Hasenkamp W, Bach FH, Ferran C. A20 inhibits cytokine-induced apoptosis and NF β dependent gene activation in islets. J Exp Med 1999; 190(8):1135-1145.


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