Dr Kenny Ip

Research Officer

In 2010 I obtained my bachelor degree in biological science, majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Western Sydney. In 2011 I moved to the University of Sydney to do my honour’s year with Dr Mark Douglas, looking at how microRNA-122 influences Hepatitis C Virus-induced fatty liver disease.

After the completion of my bachelor degree, I was awarded the International Postgraduate Research Scholarship and the Australia Postgraduate Award to do my PhD with Dr Nicolas Fossat and Professor Patrick Tam. During my PhD, I looked at the transcription factors (Lhx1 and Otx2) that govern the formation of the embryonic mouse brain during gastrulation.

I started my postdoctoral research in the Eating Disorders Lab in 2015, where I am investigating the neural circuitry that regulates food intake and peripheral fat metabolism in response to environmental conditions.

Research Interests

Mouse genetic
Stress, food intake and energy homeostasis
Neural circuit
RNA-, ChIP- and TRAP-sequencing
Head and brain development
Stem cell development

Awards and Honours

2011-2014 - International Postgraduate Research Scholarship
2011-2014 - Australia Postgraduate Award
2011-2014 - Children’s Medical Research Institute Postgraduate Research Scholarship
2013 and 2014 - Postgraduate Research Support Scheme, University of Sydney
2010 - Summer Research Scholarship, University of Sydney


2014 - PhD (Medicine), University of Sydney - Australia
2011 - BSc 1st Class Honours (Cell Pathology), University of Sydney - Australia
2010 - BSc (Biological Science), University of Western Sydney - Australia

Selected Publications

*Fossat, N., *Ip, C.K.,  Jones, V., Studdert JB., Khoo PL., Lewis SL., Power M., Tourle K., Loebel DA., Kwan KM., Behringer RR., Tam P.P.L. Context-specific function of the LIM homeobox 1 transcription factor in head formation of the mouse embryo. Development. 2015 Jun 1;142(11):2069-79 *equal first

*Ip, C.K., *Fossat, N., Jones, V., Lamonerie, T. and Tam, P. P. L. Head formation: OTX2 regulates Dkk1 and Lhx1 activity in the anterior mesendoderm. Development. 2014 Oct;141(20):3859-67 *equal first

Dr Kenny Ip