Dr Dessislava Mladenova

Research Officer

I was born in one of the oldest cities in Europe, Sofia in Bulgaria, where I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology. I moved to Australia and started my doctoral training at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in 2006, working on the chemoprevention of colorectal cancer. 

I fell in love with the vibe in the Institute and I decided to continue working here as a postdoctoral research officer. I have recently moved to the field of neuroscience and bioinformatics, learning the computational tools required to study the mechanisms of ageing in the brain and processes contributing to neurodegeneration. On a broader scale, bioinformatics tools enable me to research the origins and evolution of human cognition.

Research Interests

Molecular evolution of the primate brain
How ageing is programmed
Neurodegenerative disorders
The origins of human cognition

Awards and Honours

2012 - Sydney Cancer Conference Early career Best oral presentation award
2011 - Australian Society for Medical Research award for best postdoctoral poster, ASMR meeting, Sydney
2008-2009 - Australian Government Commercialisation Training Scheme Scholarship
2007-2010 - Cancer Institute NSW Research Scholar Award
2006-2010 - Australian Postgraduate Award
2000-2004 - University of Sofia scholarship for academic excellence


2011 - PhD, University of New South Wales - Australia
2009 - Graduate Certificate in Research Management and Commercialisation, University of New South Wales - Australia
2005 - BSc Molecular Biology, University of Sofia - Bulgaria

Selected Publications

Mladenova D., Pangon L., Currey N., Ng I., Musgrove E., Grey S., Kohonen-Corish M. Sulindac activates NFkB signaling in colon cancer cells, Cell Communication and Signalling. 2013; 11:73

Mladenova D. and Kohonen-Corish M. Mouse models of Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Insights into the mechanisms of inflammation-associated colorectal cancer. Review article In Vivo. 2012; 26:627-646

Mladenova, D., Daniel, J. J., Dahlstrom, J. E., Bean, E., Gupta, R., Pickford, R., Currey, N., Musgrove, E. A., and Kohonen-Corish, M. R. The NSAID sulindac is chemopreventive in the mouse distal colon but carcinogenic in the proximal colon. Gut. 2011; 60:350-360.

Selinger, C. I., Cooper, W. A., Al-Sohaily, S., Mladenova, D. N., Pangon, L., Kennedy, C. W., McGaughan, B. C., Stirzaker, C., and Kohonen-Corish, M. R. Loss of special AT-rich binding protein 1 expression is a marker of poor survival in lung cancer. J Thorac Oncol. 2011; 6:1179-1189

Pangon L, Sigglekow ND, Larance M, Al-Sohaily S, Mladenova D, Selinger C, Musgrove EA, Kohonen-Corish MRJ. 'Mutated in colorectal cancer' (MCC) is a novel target of the UV-induced DNA damage response. Genes & Cancer. 2010; 1 (9): 917-926.

Dr Dessislava Mladenova

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