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Moving targets: cell migration inhibitors as new anti-inflammatory therapies


The pharmaceutical industry has targeted various types of molecules to subdue inflammatory diseases. Drugs that disrupt cell migration appear particularly promising in clinical trials and in many animal models of inflammatory disease. Cell migration inhibitors not only interfere with migration of cells to a tissue, but also can affect other necessary processes such as mediator release and angiogenesis. However, the question is whether drugs that target adhesion molecules or chemoattractant receptors will prove superior to drugs that target other molecular types. This review proclaims the virtues of targeting cell migration-related molecules for development of new anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor based drugs. It is likely that cell migration inhibitors will transform the way in which many human inflammatory diseases and cancers are treated.

Type Journal
ISBN 1529-2916
Authors Mackay, C. R.:
Published Date 2008-08-21
Published Volume 9
Published Issue 9
Published Pages 988-98
Status Published in-print
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