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Psychosocial and behavioral pre-treatment predictors of weight loss outcomes


OBJECTIVE: This study tested whether baseline behavioral and psychological variables predict weight and fat loss among overweight, non-obese individuals participating in a six-month calorie restriction trial. Participants (N=48) were randomly assigned to four groups, three of which included a calorie restriction program and one of which served as a healthy diet weight maintenance control. For the purposes of this study, data were analyzed only for participants assigned to the three calorie restriction groups (n=36). Ten psychological and behavioral measures were investigated through principal components factor analysis to examine whether these measures were assessing similar or distinct psychological and behavioral constructs. Based on the obtained six-factor solution, one measure from each domain was selected for inclusion in hierarchical regression analyses, which was used to test the relative importance of psychosocial and behavioral variables in predicting percent weight and fat loss over six months. After controlling for demographic and treatment variables, the behavioral and psychological measures of negative mood states, poor psychosocial functioning, and somatic symptoms were associated with less weight loss (R2=0.68, p<0.001) and fat loss (R2=0.65, p<0.001) over six months. Among overweight individuals, poor psychological adjustment, somatic symptoms, and negative mood states appear to form a psychosocial profile that is predictive of less weight and fat loss in calorie restriction programs.

Type Journal
ISBN 1590-1262 (Electronic)
Authors Anton, S. D.; Martin, C. K.; Redman, L.; York-Crowe, E.; Heilbronn, L. K.; Han, H.; Williamson, D. A.; Ravussin, E.;
Publisher Name Eat Weight Disord
Published Date 2008-03-01
Published Volume 13
Published Issue 1
Published Pages 30-7
Status Published in-print
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OpenAccess link to author's accepted manuscript version