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Preparation of Hierarchical Hollow CaCO3 Particles and the Application as Anticancer Drug Carrier


One-pot approach to couple the crystallization of CaCO(3) nanoparticles and the in situ symmetry-breaking assembly of these crystallites into hollow spherical shells was developed under the templating effect of a soluble starch. Further functional study using HP-a as an anticancer drug carrier (DOX) demonstrated its advantages for localizing drug release by the pH value-sensitive structure and enhancing cytotoxicity by increasing cellular uptake, perinuclear accumulation, and nuclear entry.

Type Journal
Authors Wei, W. Ma, G. H. Hu, G. Yu, D. McLeish, T. Su, Z. G. Shen, Z. Y.
Publisher Name J AM CHEM SOC
Published Date 2008-11-01 00:00:00
Published Volume 130
Published Issue 47
Published Pages 15808-10
Status Published In-print
OpenAccess Link Wei JACS.pdf