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New sequence variants associated with bone mineral density


In an extended genome-wide association study of bone mineral density among 6,865 Icelanders and a follow-up in 8,510 subjects of European descent, we identified four new genome-wide significant loci. These are near the SOST gene at 17q21, the MARK3 gene at 14q32, the SP7 gene at 12q13 and the TNFRSF11A (RANK) gene at 18q21. Furthermore, nonsynonymous SNPs in the C17orf53, LRP4, ADAM19 and IBSP genes were suggestively associated with bone density.

Type Journal
ISBN 1546-1718 (Electronic)
Authors Styrkarsdottir, U.; Halldorsson, B. V.; Gretarsdottir, S.; Gudbjartsson, D. F.; Walters, G. B.; Ingvarsson, T.; Jonsdottir, T.; Saemundsdottir, J.; Snorradottir, S.; Center, J. R.; Nguyen, T. V.; Alexandersen, P.; Gulcher, J. R.; Eisman, J. A.; Christiansen, C.; Sigurdsson, G.; Kong, A.; Thorsteinsdottir, U.; Stefansson, K.;
Garvan Authors Prof Jacqueline Center , Prof John Eisman , Prof Tuan Nguyen
Publisher Name NAT GENET
Published Date 2009-01-01 00:00:00
Published Volume 41
Published Issue 1
Published Pages 15-7
Status Published In-print
OpenAccess Link Styrarsdottir NG.284.pdf

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