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Emerging roles for B-lymphocytes in type 1 diabetes


Self reactive B lymphocytes play two main pathological roles in autoimmune diseases: as secretors of autoantibodies and as specialised antigen-presenting cells that present self-components to autoreactive T lymphocytes. In recognition of these roles, recent clinical trials have utilized B-lymphocyte-depleting monoclonal antibodies to treat various autoimmune diseases, with encouraging results in those where humoral autoimmunity is clearly important. Surprisingly, recent results in animal models suggest that B-lymphocyte depletion may also be effective in the treatment of T-lymphocyte-mediated autoimmune diseases, such as Type 1 diabetes (T1D). This article reviews the experimental evidence that has uncovered pathogenic as well as regulatory roles for B lymphocytes in the prodrome of T1D and how this information is being used to develop novel therapeutic strategies to treat the disease.

Type Journal
Authors Cox, S.L.; Silveira, P. A.;
Publisher Name Expert Review of Clinical Immunology
Published Date 2009-05-01
Published Volume 5
Published Issue 3
Published Pages 311-324
Status Published in-print
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