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Growth hormone administration: is it safe and effective for athletic performance


Human growth hormone (GH) is widely abused by athletes; however, there is little evidence that GH improves physical performance. Replacement of GH in GH deficiency improves some aspects of exercise capacity. There is evidence for a protein anabolic effect of GH in healthy adults and for increased lean body mass following GH, although fluid retention likely contributes to this increase. The evidence suggests that muscle strength, power, and aerobic exercise capacity are not enhanced by GH administration, however GH may improve anaerobic exercise capacity. There are risks of adverse effects of long-term abuse of GH. Sustained abuse of GH may lead to a state mimicking acromegaly, a condition with increased morbidity and mortality.

Type Journal
ISBN 0889-8529 (Linking) 0889-8529 (Linking)
Authors Birzniece, V.; Nelson, A.E.; Ho, K.K.Y.:
Garvan Authors Dr Vita Birzniece
Published Date 2010-01-01 00:00:00
Published Volume 39
Published Issue 1
Published Pages 11-23, vii
Status Published In-print
OpenAccess Link BIrzniece EMCNA.pdf