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Y-receptor subtypes--how many more?


The Y-receptors belong to the G protein-coupled receptor superfamily and mediate a wide variety of physiological effects, such as regulation of blood pressure, anxiety, memory retention, hormone release and food intake. Since the first human Y-receptor was cloned in 1992, the search for additional subtypes has been an area of intense study. Recently four new NPY-receptor subtypes have been isolated, revealing surprisingly limited sequence identity with values as low as 30%. Several reports indicate further heterogeneity of this receptor family, for example a peripheral Y2 receptor. However, since many studies have been carried out with different peptide analogs and radioligands in different species, there is substantial confusion regarding the pharmacological profile of the receptors. This may have led to an exaggeration of the potential number of discrete receptors.

Type Journal
ISBN 0166-2236 (Print)
Authors Blomqvist, A. G.;Herzog, H. :
Responsible Garvan Author Prof Herbert Herzog
Published Date 1997-01-01
Published Volume 20
Published Issue 7
Published Pages 294-8
Status Published in-print
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