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Reversal of chronic alterations of skeletal muscle protein kinase C from fat-fed rats by BRL-49653


We have recently shown that the reduction in insulin sensitivity of rats fed a high-fat diet is associated with the translocation of the novel protein kinase C epsilon (nPKC epsilon) from cytosolic to particulate fractions in red skeletal muscle and also the downregulation of cytosolic nPKC theta. Here we have further investigated the link between insulin resistance and PKC by assessing the effects of the thiazolidinedione insulin-sensitizer BRL-49653 on PKC isoenzymes in muscle. BRL-49653 increased the recovery of nPKC isoenzymes in cytosolic fractions of red muscle from fat-fed rats, reducing their apparent activation and/or downregulation, whereas PKC in control rats was unaffected. Because BRL-49653 also improves insulin-stimulated glucose uptake in fat-fed rats and reduces muscle lipid storage, especially diglyceride content, these results strengthen the association between lipid availability, nPKC activation, and skeletal muscle insulin resistance and support the hypothesis that chronic activation of nPKC isoenzymes is involved in the generation of muscle insulin resistance in fat-fed rats.

Type Journal
ISBN 0002-9513 (Print)
Authors Schmitz-Peiffer, C.;Oakes, N. D.;Browne, C. L.;Kraegen, E. W.;Biden, T. J. :
Publisher Name Am J Physiol
Published Date 1997-01-01
Published Volume 273
Published Issue 5 Pt 1
Published Pages E915-21
Status Published in-print
URL link to publisher's version