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The heart of the matter: cardiometabolic care in youth with psychosis


Aim: Weight gain, obesity and metabolic disturbances in youth with psychosis are significant contributors to the health burden of people with psychosis, with a two- to threefold increase in rates compared with the general population and a 20% reduction in life expectancy. Several studies have now described cardiometabolic benefits of a range of interventions, including a structured diet and exercise programmes and metformin for patients receiving antipsychotic medications. Despite the development of Australian consensus guidelines and screening algorithms to detect such metabolic abnormalities, there is a lack of guidelines for clinicians to determine appropriate, timely, targeted prevention and intervention to manage these complications in the youth population. Methods: The Bondi Early Psychosis Programme targets young people (aged 15-25 years) experiencing their first episode of psychosis. This service has developed a model of metabolic screening and a treatment algorithm to provide clinicians with recommendations for targeted interventions. Results: Positive Cardiometabolic Health: an early intervention framework for patients on psychotropic medication describes a method for early detection, prevention and intervention strategies targeting antipsychotic-induced metabolic abnormalities and cardiovascular risk factors. Conclusion: Although further research is required, there is sufficient evidence to support early intervention and prevention strategies to improve physical health outcomes in young people with first-episode psychosis.

Type Journal
ISBN 1751-7893 (Electronic) 1751-7885 (Linking)
Authors Curtis, J.; Newall, H. D.; Samaras, K.;
Publisher Name Early Intervention in Psychiatry
Published Date 2012-08-01
Published Volume 6
Published Issue 3
Published Pages 347-53
Status Published in-print
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OpenAccess link to author's accepted manuscript version