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The chemotactic receptor EBI2 regulates the homeostasis, localization and immune function of splenic dendritic cells


Splenic resident dendritic cell (DC) populations occupy sentinel positions for the capture and presentation of blood-borne antigens. Here we show that the chemotactic receptor EBI2 (GPR183) is differentially expressed on splenic DC subsets and regulates the positioning and homeostasis of DCs within the spleen. EBI2 and its ligand 7?, 25-OHC were required for the generation of the splenic CD4+ DC subset and the localization of DCs in bridging channels. Absence of EBI2 on DCs resulted in defects in both the activation of CD4+ T cells and the generation of antibody responses. Regulated expression of EBI2 on DC populations is therefore critical for the development and correct positioning of splenic DCs and the initiation of immune responses.

Type Journal
Authors Gatto, D.; Wood, K; Caminschi, I.; Murphy-Durland, D.; Schofield, P.; Christ, D.; Karupiah, G.; Brink, R.
Garvan Authors Dr Dominique Hess
Publisher Name NAT IMMUNOL
Published Date 2013-04-18 00:00:00
Published Volume 14
Published Issue 5
Published Pages 446-53
Status Published in-print