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Recreational drug use in type 1 diabetes: an invisible accomplice to poor glycaemic control?


Recreational drug use during 'rave' parties is increasingly popular, but the impact of recreational drug use in type 1 diabetes (T1D) is not known. We determined the self-reported pattern and effects of recreational/illicit drug use in Australians with T1D people by inviting people with T1D to participate in an anonymous online/paper survey of drug use, through national radio broadcast and online/hospital advertising. Of the people with T1D who responded to our survey, more than three quarters reported having used recreational/illicit drug, but few people had informed health professionals about drug use. Drug use was associated with worse glycaemic control and higher risk of diabetic ketoacidosis. Medical awareness of common, currently underreported, drug use in young people with T1D is essential. It offers the possibility of helping such patients improve related suboptimal metabolic control.

Type Journal
ISBN 1445-5994 (Electronic) 1444-0903 (Linking)
Authors Lee, P.; Greenfield, J. R.; Gilbert, K.; Campbell, L. V.;
Published Date 2012-01-01
Published Volume 42
Published Issue 2
Published Pages 198-202
Status Published in-print
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OpenAccess link to author's accepted manuscript version