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Construction of a global pain systems network highlights phospholipid signaling as a regulator of heat nociception


The ability to perceive noxious stimuli is critical for an animal's survival in the face of environmental danger, and thus pain perception is likely to be under stringent evolutionary pressure. Using a neuronal-specific RNAi knock-down strategy in adult Drosophila, we recently completed a genome-wide functional annotation of heat nociception that allowed us to identify alpha2delta3 as a novel pain gene. Here we report construction of an evolutionary-conserved, system-level, global molecular pain network map. Our systems map is markedly enriched for multiple genes associated with human pain and predicts a plethora of novel candidate pain pathways. One central node of this pain network is phospholipid signaling, which has been implicated before in pain processing. To further investigate the role of phospholipid signaling in mammalian heat pain perception, we analysed the phenotype of PIP5Kalpha and PI3Kgamma mutant mice. Intriguingly, both of these mice exhibit pronounced hypersensitivity to noxious heat and capsaicin-induced pain, which directly mapped through PI3Kgamma kinase-dead knock-in mice to PI3Kgamma lipid kinase activity. Using single primary sensory neuron recording, PI3Kgamma function was mechanistically linked to a negative regulation of TRPV1 channel transduction. Our data provide a systems map for heat nociception and reinforces the extraordinary conservation of molecular mechanisms of nociception across different species.

Type Journal
ISBN 1553-7404 (Electronic) 1553-7390 (Linking)
Authors Neely, G. G.; Rao, S.; Costigan, M.; Mair, N.; Racz, I.; Milinkeviciute, G.; Meixner, A.; Nayanala, S.; Griffin, R. S.; Belfer, I.; Dai, F.; Smith, S.; Diatchenko, L.; Marengo, S.; Haubner, B. J.; Novatchkova, M.; Gibson, D.; Maixner, W.; Pospisilik, J. A.; Hirsch, E.; Whishaw, I. Q.; Zimmer, A.; Gupta, V.; Sasaki, J.; Kanaho, Y.; Sasaki, T.; Kress, M.; Woolf, C. J.; Penninger, J. M.;
Responsible Garvan Author (missing name)
Publisher Name PLOS GENET
Published Date 2012-12-14
Published Volume 8
Published Issue 12
Published Pages e1003071
Status Published in-print
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OpenAccess link to author's accepted manuscript version