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Thyroid volume predicts body mass index 2 and 6 years later


Background: Thyroid volume correlates positively with body mass index (BMI). This correlation holds true for both iodine-sufficient and mild/moderate iodine-deficient areas. We examined the association between thyroid volume and BMI and change in BMI over 4 years in middle-age adults recruited from the general population. Methods: A total of 2,495 subjects, for whom thyroid volume, FT4 and TSH were available (women aged 35 - 60 years and men aged 45 - 60 years), were derived from the Supplementation en Vitamines et Mineraux Antioxydants (SU.VI. MAX) cohort study conducted in France since baseline (1994). Weight and height were measured 2 and 6 years after inclusion. Linear univariate and multiple regression analyses were performed to evaluate correlations between thyroid volume and BMI at 2 and 6 years and BMI change from year 2 to 6. Results: Baseline thyroid volume was positively correlated with BMI at 2 years (men: ? = 0.09, P < 0.01; women: ? = 0.09, P < 0.01) and 6 years after inclusion (men: ? = 0.10, P < 0.01; women: ? = 0.09, P < 0.01). The correlation between thyroid volume and BMI at 2 and 6 years remained significant after adjusting for free T4, TSH, gender, age, smoking, alcohol consumption and TSH-thyroid volume interaction factor (? = 0.11, P < 0.01). Baseline thyroid volume was not correlated with BMI change from year 2 to 6 in linear regression analysis. Conclusion: In French adults, thyroid volume predicted BMI at 2 and 6 years. Further studies are needed to explore the association between thyroid volume and BMI.

Type Journal
ISBN 1923-2861
Authors Chen, D.; Tonks, K.; Greenfied, J.R.; El Nouty, C; Hercberg, S.; Czernickhow, S;
Responsible Garvan Author Dr Daniel Chen
Publisher Name Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism
Published Date 2012-01-01
Published Volume 2
Published Issue 3
Published Pages 105-9
Status Published in-print
URL link to publisher's version
OpenAccess link to author's accepted manuscript version