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Beyond the genomics blueprint: the 4th Human Variome Project Meeting, UNESCO, Paris, 2012


The 4th Biennial Meeting of the Human Variome Project Consortium was held at the headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Paris, 11-15 June 2012. The Human Variome Project, a nongovernmental organization and an official partner of UNESCO, enables the routine collection, curation, interpretation, and sharing of information on all human genetic variation. This meeting was attended by more than 180 delegates from 39 countries and continued the theme of addressing issues of implementation in this unique project. The meeting was structured around the four main themes of the Human Variome Project strategic plan, ""Project Roadmap 2012-2016"": setting normative function, behaving ethically, sharing knowledge, and building capacity. During the meeting, the members held extensive discussions to formulate an action plan in the key areas of the Human Variome Project. The actions agreed on were promulgated at the Project's two Advisory Council and Scientific Advisory Committee postconference meetings.

Type Journal
ISBN 1530-0366 (Electronic) 1098-3600 (Linking)
Authors Kohonen-Corish, M. R.; Smith, T. D.; Robinson, H. M.;
Responsible Garvan Author A/Prof Maija Kohonen-Corish
Published Date 2013-01-01
Published Volume 15
Published Issue 7
Published Pages 507-12
Status Published in-print
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