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Stability engineering of the human antibody repertoire


Human monoclonal antibodies often display limited thermodynamic and colloidal stabilities. This behavior hinders their production, and places limitations on the development of novel formulation conditions and therapeutic applications. Antibodies are highly diverse molecules, with much of the sequence variation observed within variable domain families and, in particular, their complementarity determining regions. This has complicated the development of comprehensive strategies for the stability engineering of the human antibody repertoire. Here we provide an overview of the field, and discuss recent advances in the development of robust and aggregation resistant antibody therapeutics.

Type Journal
Authors Rouet, R.; Lowe, D.; Christ, D.
Garvan Authors Dr Romain Rouet
Publisher Name FEBS LETT
Published Date 2014-01-21 00:00:00
Published Volume 588
Published Pages 269-77
Status Published in-print