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Genetic determinants of heel bone properties: genome-wide association meta-analysis and replication in the GEFOS/GENOMOS consortium.


Quantitative ultrasound of the heel captures heel bone properties that independently predict fracture risk and, with bone mineral density (BMD) assessed by X-ray (DXA), may be convenient alternatives for evaluating osteoporosis and fracture risk. We performed a meta-analysis of genome-wide association (GWA) studies to assess the genetic determinants of heel broadband ultrasound attenuation (BUA; n = 14 260), velocity of sound (VOS; n = 15 514) and BMD (n = 4566) in 13 discovery cohorts. Independent replication involved seven cohorts with GWA data (in silico n = 11 452) and new genotyping in 15 cohorts (de novo n = 24 902). In combined random effects, meta-analysis of the discovery and replication cohorts, nine single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) had genome-wide significant (P < 5 � 10-8) associations with heel bone properties. Alongside SNPs within or near previously identified osteoporosis susceptibility genes including ESR1 (6q25.1: rs4869739, rs3020331, rs2982552), SPTBN1 (2p16.2: rs11898505), RSPO3 (6q22.33: rs7741021), WNT16 (7q31.31: rs2908007), DKK1 (10q21.1: rs7902708) and GPATCH1 (19q13.11: rs10416265), we identified a new locus on chromosome 11q14.2 (rs597319 close to TMEM135, a gene recently linked to osteoblastogenesis and longevity) significantly associated with both BUA and VOS (P < 8.23 � 10-14). In meta-analyses involving 25 cohorts with up to 14 985 fracture cases, six of 10 SNPs associated with heel bone properties at P < 5 � 10-6 also had the expected direction of association with any fracture (P < 0.05), including three SNPs with P < 0.005: 6q22.33 (rs7741021), 7q31.31 (rs2908007) and 10q21.1 (rs7902708). In conclusion, this GWA study reveals the effect of several genes common to central DXA-derived BMD and heel ultrasound/DXA measures and points to a new genetic locus with potential implications for better understanding of osteoporosis pathophysiology.

Type Journal
Authors Moayyeri, A.; Hsu, Y.H.; Karasik, D.; ; Estrada, K.; Xiao, S.M.; ; Nielson, C.; Srikanth, P.; Giroux, S.; Wilson, S.G.; ; Zheng, H.F.; Smith, A.V.; Pye, S.R.; Leo, P.J.; Teumer, A.; Hwang, J.Y.; Ohlsson, C.; McGuigan, F.; Minster, R.L.; Hayward, C.; Olmos, J.M.; ; Lyytikainen, L.P.; Lewis, J.R.; Swart, K.M.; Masi. L.; Oldmeadow, C.; Holliday, E.G.; Cheng, S.; van Schoor, N.M.; ; Harvey, N.C.; Kruk, M.; Del Greco, M. F.; Igl, W.; Trummer, O.; Grigoriou, E.; Luben, R.
Published Date 2014-06-01
Published Volume 23
Published Issue 11
Published Pages 3054-68
Status Published in-print
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