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Plystotic hyperostosis in a domestic shorthair cat.


An 11-year-old male neutered domestic shorthair cat was presented for investigation of weight loss and inappetence. On physical examination there was palpable enlargement and thickening of many bones, and this finding was confirmed radiographically. PROPOSED DIAGNOSIS: Based on clinical, radiological and histopathological findings, a polyostotic bone disease, best described as generalised idiopathic hyperostosis, was diagnosed. This condition has not been reported in cats previously. Canine and human diseases with similarities to this presentation are discussed.

Type Journal
Authors Fawcett, A.; Malik, R.; Howlett, C.R.; McDonald, M.M, Culvenor, J.; Pool, R.; Allan, G.S.
Publisher Name J FELINE MED SURG
Published Date 2014-05-01 00:00:00
Published Volume 16
Published Issue 5
Published Pages 432-40
Status Published in-print