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Identification of subgroup-specific miRNA patterns by epigenetic profiling of sporadic and Lynch syndrome associated colorectal and endometrial carcinoma.


Background: Altered expression of microRNAs (miRNAs) commonly accompanies colorectal (CRC) and endometrial carcinoma (EC) development, but the underlying mechanisms and clinicopathological correlations remain to be clarified. We focused on epigenetic mechanisms and aimed to explore if DNA methylation patterns in tumors depend on DNA mismatch repair (MMR) status, sporadic vs. Lynch-associated disease, and geographic origin (Finland vs. Australia). Treatment of cancer cell lines with demethylating agents revealed 109 significantly upregulated miRNAs. Seven met our stringent criteria for possible methylation-sensitive miRNAs and were used to screen patient specimens (205 CRCs and 36 ECs) by methylation-specific multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification. Results: Three miRNAs (129-2, 345, and 132) with low methylation levels in normal tissue and frequent hypermethylation in tumors were of particular interest. Hypermethylation of miR-345 and miR-132 associated with MMR-deficiency in CRC regardless of geographic origin, and hypermethylation of miR-132 distinguished sporadic MMR-deficient CRC from Lynch-CRC. Finally, hypermethylation of miRNAs stratified 49 endometrial hyperplasias into low-methylator (simple hyperplasia) and high-methylator groups (complex hyperplasia with or without atypia) and suggested that miR-129-2 methylation in particular could serve as a marker of progression in early endometrial tumorigenesis. Conclusions: Our study identifies miR-345 and miR-132 as novel differentially methylated miRNAs in CRC, thereby facilitating sub-classification of CRC, and links miR-129-2 methylation to early endometrial tumorigenesis.

Type Journal
Authors Kaur, S.; Lotsari, J.E.; Al-Sohaily, S.; Warusavitarne, J.; Kohonen-Corish, M.; Peltomaki, P.
Publisher Name Clinical Epigenetics
Published Date 2015-05-01
Published Volume 7
Published Issue 1
Published Pages 20
Status Published in-print
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OpenAccess link to author's accepted manuscript version