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Monogenic mutations differentially impact the quantity and quality of T follicular helper cells in human primary immunodeficiencies


Background: T follicular helper (Tfh) cells underpin T-cell dependent humoral immunity and the success of most vaccines. Tfh cells also contribute to human immune disorders such as autoimmunity, immunodeficiency and malignancy. Understanding the molecular requirements for the generation and function of Tfh cells will provide strategies for targeting these cells to modulate their behavior in the setting of these immunological abnormalities.

Type Journal
Authors Ma, C. S.; Wong, N.; Rao, G.; Avery, D. T.; Torpy, J.; Hambridge, T.; Bustamante, J.; Okada, S.; Stoddard, J. L.; Deenick, E. K.; Pelham, S. J.; Payne, K.; Boisson-Dupuis, S.; Puel, A.; Kobayashi, M.; Arkwright, P. D.; Kilic, S. S.; El Baghdadi, J.; Nonoyama, S.; Minegishi, Y.; Mahdaviani, S. A.; Mansouri, D.; Bousfiha, A.; Blincoe, A. K.; French, M. A.; Hsu, P.; Campbell, D. E.; Stormon, M. O.; Wong, M.; Adelstein, S.; Smart, J. M.; Fulcher, D. A.; Cook, M. C.; Phan, T. G.; Stepensky, P.; Boztug, K.; Kansu, A.; Ikinciogullari, A.; Baumann, U.; Beier, R.; Roscioli, T.; Ziegler, J. B.; Gray, P.; Picard, C.; Grimbacher, B.; Warnatz, K.; Holland, S. M.; Casanova, J. L.; Uzel, G.; Tangye, S. G.;
Responsible Garvan Author A/Prof Cindy Ma
Published Date 2015-07-08
Published Volume 136
Published Issue 4
Published Pages 993-1006 e1
Status Published in-print
URL link to publisher's version
OpenAccess link to author's accepted manuscript version