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Not so sweet: autoimmune diabetes mellitus on triple therapy for chronic hepatitis C infection


BACKGROUND: Triple therapy with pegylated interferon, ribavirin and a protease inhibitor has proven efficacy in hepatitis C infection and is currently the standard of care. Interferon-based therapies have been, rarely, associated with the development of Type 1 diabetes mellitus, but few cases have yet been reported in triple therapy for hepatitis C. CASE REPORT: We describe a case of autoimmune Type 1 diabetes developing in a 23-year-old woman after initiation of triple therapy for chronic hepatitis C virus infection. The patient had the IL-28B gene polymorphism rs12979860 CT genotype, which is associated not only with antiviral therapy response but also with diabetes risk after liver transplantation for hepatitis C. CONCLUSION: Further studies are required to determine which individual characteristics may identify patients who are at risk of developing Type 1 diabetes when treated with interferon-based regimens for hepatitis C infection.

Type Journal
ISBN 1464-5491 (Electronic) 0742-3071 (Linking)
Authors Blanchard, E. ; Vickers, C. R. ; Samaras, K.;
Responsible Garvan Author Prof Katherine Samaras
Published Date 2015-01-01
Published Volume 32
Published Issue 2
Published Pages e1-3
Status Published in-print
URL link to publisher's version