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Telling the tiger by its stripes: mapping the genomics of kidney graft tolerance in real time


Though the majority of kidney allografts are eventually lost to the process of chronic rejection, there are instances when kidney function is maintained after patients have stopped their immunosuppression. Baron and colleagues have examined the blood gene signature of patients with spontaneous kidney tolerance and identified a series of genes that they suggest define kidney graft acceptance. This exciting development provides a potential list of biomarkers defining immunological tolerance in humans.

Type Journal
ISBN 1523-1755 (Electronic) 0085-2538 (Linking)
Authors Roden, D. L.?; Grey, S. T.;
Garvan Authors A/Prof Shane Grey
Publisher Name KIDNEY INT
Published Date 2015-05-01 00:00:00
Published Volume 87
Published Issue 5
Published Pages 875-7
Status Published in-print