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Vitamin D, muscle and bone: Itegrating effects in development, aging and injury.


Beyond the established effects of muscle loading on bone, a complex network of hormones and growth factors integrates these adjacent tissues. One such hormone, vitamin D, exerts broad-ranging effects in muscle and bone calcium handling, differentiation and development. Vitamin D also modulates muscle and bone-derived hormones, potentially facilitating cross-talk between these tissues. In the clinical setting, vitamin D deficiency or mutations of the vitamin D receptor result in generalized atrophy of muscle and bone, suggesting coordinated effects of vitamin D at these sites. In this review, we discuss emerging evidence that vitamin D exerts specific effects throughout the life of the musculoskeletal system – in development, aging and injury. From this holistic viewpoint, we offer new insights into an old debate: whether vitamin D’s effects in the musculoskeletal system are direct via local VDR signals or indirect via its systemic effects in calcium and phosphate homeostasis.

Type Journal
ISBN 0303-7207
Authors Girgis, C.M.; Baldock, P.A.; Downes, M.
Responsible Garvan Author (missing name)
Published Date 2015-08-01
Published Volume 310
Published Pages 3-10
Status Published in-print
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